Sam Worthington Beats Vin Diesel With Salary Plus Profit Deal

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The Way of Water is a little more than two months away, but the hype around it is growing day by day. All thanks to the re-release of the 2009 original film. The first part’s remastered version has hit the big screens and has pushed the highest-grossing movie of all time to a new limit.

Over its second weekend at the box office, the re-release collection added to the total, which crossed the $2.9 billion mark. It is the first time that a movie has ever touched that record. A lot of expectations around the sequel are hence growing.

While talking about Avatar: The Way of Water, we already know its budget, which is a whopping $250 million. Let’s take a look at the star cast and their salaries. According to ShowBizGalore, Sam Worthington, aka Jake Sully, has received a cheque of $10 million or 81 crores. Along with that, he will receive 5% profits, and as per the report, he is the only cast member who will earn through profits as well.

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