Byblos Bank Armenia puts children first: June 1 event celebrates childhood, imagination. Photos

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Protection of children’s rights and contributing to their well-being has always been a crucial point in the Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio of Byblos Bank Armenia.

On the International Children’s Day on June 1, this commitment transformed into a vibrant celebration of childhood and imagination at one of Yerevan’s most popular venues, the Lover’s Park.

Children of different ages gathered in the park to communicate with one another in their own special language, to play games, run around and enjoy the sun.

The highlight of the event was a special interactive play prepared exclusively for the young guests of Byblos Bank Armenia and staged by a troupe from Henrik Malian Theatre. The play tackled the financial world using simple language and child-friendly examples to make it understandable for the young audience.


The children got to interact with Mr. Dram (Mr. Money) and learned about the importance of money-saving habits and budgeting in an engaging, fun way.

Alongside their parents, grandparents and family members, they also played games, were treated to refreshments and received special gifts.

Prioritizing meaningful social impact, the Bank continuously invests in causes that foster healthy, thriving communities by implementing diverse CSR programs and educational projects.


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