Knowledge is power: Idram Junior participated in the International Mental Arithmetic Olympiad

May 12, 2023
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Knowledge is power: Idram Junior participated in the International Mental Arithmetic Olympiad
On May 6 and 7, the fourth international mental arithmetic olympiad was held at the Karen Demirchyan sport/concert complex, in which participated more than 600 children from different parts of Armenia and Russia. The Olympiad was organized by IQ Center Global Education, a large-scale activity in the field of additional education.

According to the director of IQ Center Yulia Gasparyan, IQ Center, being the founder of the Association of Mental Arithmetic of Armenia and the sole and official representative of the international associations PAMA Global and SAMA Global, the founders of mental arithmetic in the world and in the region, has been providing thousands of children in Yerevan and regions with the opportunity to study mental arithmetic for six years now.

“We are glad that the Idram company, which emphasizes education and promotes children’s financial literacy, supported the main educational event of the year with its Idram Junior application. Idram Junior prepared many gifts for the participating children”.

According to Tatevik Hovhannisyan, head of Idram’s marketing department, Idram does not only value financial literacy.

“We cooperate with those companies and are on the side of the events that contribute to raise the educational level and general development of children.”

According to Sevak Shirachyan, head of marketing projects of Idram company, Idram Junior is the only financial application in Armenia for children that enables children to make contactless payments, top up their phone number and make transfers to their family members.

“It is important for us that children learn to be financially literate from childhood, to be able not only to shop, but also to manage their finances. We will soon have news in the application, so follow us on our social media pages,” Sevak Shirachyan says.

There will be an exhibition throughout the event for more than two thousand parents accompanying and supporting the participants. The Olympiad will be summed up with an award ceremony. All 600 participants will receive special gifts from IQ Center Global Education. And dozens of winners will receive special gifts from sponsors and partners of the Olympiad.


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