Saving on Wildberries with IDBank

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Do you also love crazy shopping on Wildberries? We know, we were into it as well. Did you know that shopping on Wildberries is now more profitable if you pay with IDBank cards? Yes, yes, we are going to tell you about the new campaign.

So, as part of the campaign from June 16 to August 31 this year inclusive, if you pay on Wildberries with IDBank cards, you will receive up to 1% idcoin.

In addition, idcoins will be provided in the following ways as part of the campaign:

  • In case of Visa Rocket cards additional 0.5% idcoins will be added to the existing 0.5% cashback, and as a result the total cashback within the
    campaign will be 1%.
  • For all other cards of the Bank you will receive idcoins in the amount of 1% of the payment amount.

Please note that during a calendar month you can receive idcoins with a maximumamount of 5000 AMD, regardless of how many cards you have. By the way, the payment of idcoins is made by the 15th working day of the next month.

It is nice to make purchases and get cashback in the form of idcoins, which can be accumulated and used wherever there is a possibility to pay via Idram, and the number of such points of sale already exceeds 21 000.

You can find out all the details of the campaign by following the link.

To learn all about idcoin, click here.


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