AraratBank places dollar bonds

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From June 10 to September 10 of this year, AraratBank intends to place bonds on the following terms:

Total volume: USD 5 million

Quantity: 200,000

Nominal value: USD 25

Maturity: 48 months

Annual coupon yield: 5.75%

Coupon frequency: quarterly

Once placed, the bonds will be listed on the AMX Armenia Securities Exchange.

“As a matter of fact, investments in bonds issued by the Bank are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund, and the yield on bonds listed on the Armenia Securities Exchange before December 31, 2024 is exempt from income tax,” informs Sevak Manukyan, Head of Investment Banking Department at AraratBank.

For more information on the 28th issue of AraratBank dollar bonds, please follow the link.

The program prospectus of the bond issue was registered by the Central Bank of Armenia on April 10, 2024.

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