WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

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WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to

In the article about the WhatsApp beta for Android update, we announced a feature to manage reaction notifications for status updates. Through this feature, WhatsApp aims to enhance user experience by providing more control over notifications related to status reactions in the future.

Users will be able to customize their notification settings, allowing them to disable notifications for like reactions if they prefer to review them manually within the status screen. Although this feature is still in development, it seems that WhatsApp is now focusing on introducing more options to manage notifications for new messages, as discovered in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store:

As you can see from the attached screenshot, WhatsApp is exploring a new option to clear the unread message count whenever the app opens, set for release in a future update. By enabling this option, users will be able to automatically reset their unread message notifications each time they access the app. This feature is designed to help users manage their new messages with ease, reducing the clutter of unread message counts and providing a fresh start with each app launch.

In our opinion, users will be able to approach their messages more effectively by clearing the unread message count automatically, focusing on new and important communications rather than feeling pressured by a backlog of unread messages. With a reset message count each time the app is opened, users will be able to easily identify and prioritize new messages, ensuring that the most recent conversations are addressed promptly.

This prevents older, less relevant messages from overshadowing new notifications and allows for a more efficient messaging experience. We believe that this feature could be particularly beneficial for users who receive a high volume of messages from group chats, allowing them to prioritize new notifications and maintain better organization.

A feature to clear the unread message count is under development and it will be available in a future update of the app. We will share another article once we have new information about this feature.

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