Amio digital cards with unlimited opportunities and 5% cashback

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The opportunities are unlimited when you use Amio digital cards, simplifying your daily routine.

Within the frames of the campaign “Unlimited opportunities” held on our social networks (,, we continue to present simple situations from everyday life, when using an Amio digital card only makes life easier.

Make a contactless payment with the Amio digital card while enjoying your leisure time in a cafe, with friends, and at the same time receive 5% cashback.

Attach the Amio digital card to online taxis and you won’t need to calculate how much you spend on a taxi service per month anymore.

The shopping euphoria is not interrupted by searching for a wallet in the bag if you pay with the Amio digital card.

The situations are numerous, and the solution is the Amio digital card with unlimited opportunities.

Your favorite promotion is being extended again. Let’s remind that during the promotion, AMIO Visa digital cardholders will receive 5% cashback while making shopping in supermarkets and AMIO MasterCard digital cardholders will receive another 5% cashback while making payments in restaurants and petrol/gas stations, up to 10,000 drams per month or equivalent foreign currency during each calendar month.

Hurry up to become an AMIO digital cardholder. The promotion will be valid until April 30, 2024.

The bank is supervised by the Central Bank of Armenia.

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