Xiaomi launches electric scooter 4 pro max with 60km range

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Xiaomi has launched its latest electric scooter, the 4 Pro Max, in Europe, offering riders a blend of improved performance and enhanced comfort.

Building on Success:

The 4 Pro Max builds upon the success of its predecessor, the 4 Pro Plus, by introducing several key upgrades. These include:

  • More Powerful Motor: A 960W peak power motor provides riders with three-speed settings and a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph). This surpasses the 350W motor of the 4 Pro Plus, ensuring a more dynamic ride.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The dual-cylinder suspension at the front tackles uneven terrain better, significantly improving comfort compared to previous models.
  • Increased Stability: The slightly larger and heavier frame (21.3 kg) offers added stability for daily commuting.
  • Extended Range: The 10.2 Ah battery provides an impressive range of up to 60 km (37 miles) on a single charge, making it a practical option for city dwellers. It also boasts a rapid nine-hour charging time.

The 4 Pro Max has been spotted at MediaMarkt in Germany for €599.99, but is currently out of stock.

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