“The Power of One Dram” – to the “Hayordi” camp: the beneficiary of July is the “Children of Armenia” Fund

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Idram and IDBank sum up the results of the next program of “The Power of One Dram” initiative and announce the name of the next beneficiary.

AMD 3.482.779, collected from payments made during June, were directed to the improvement of the territory of the annual camp “Hayordi”. Children who lost their parents as a result of the war from almost the entire territory of Artsakh and Armenia, as well as children resettled from Aghavno and Berdzor, will take part in the Hayordi camp.

The companies also announced the name of the next July beneficiary. All funds collected from Idram and IDBank user payments will be transferred to the Children of Armenia Fund at the end of July.

Liana Ghaltaghchyan, managing director of the fund, notes:

“We believe that every child in Armenia has a unique talent and potential that should be unlocked, contributing to their versatile and harmonious development. Access to quality education and the availability of appropriate resources are vital, especially for children in rural communities, to make a difference in the world around them”.

Tatevik Vardevanyan, head of communications unit at IDBank, notes that this is the second collaboration between the companies and the fund.

“For the second time, the power of one dram is directed to the Children of Armenia Fund, which is great. Any social and educational issue related to the younger members of our society is always in the spotlight of the Bank and Idram and is a key direction of CSR,” says Tatevik Vardevanyan.

You can also become a goodwill ambassador by joining “The Power of One Dram” initiative. To do this, you just need to make all payments using the Idram&IDBank application, the Idram.am online platform, IDBanking.am or through the companies’ terminals.

After all, it all starts with one dram …


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